Chocolate is the key to my heart.  I start every day with coffee and I spend most of my time thinking about what I’m going to eat next.  It gives me so much joy to try new foods and recipes and to share them with my friends.  Every time I come across something new on a menu, I’m excited to try it.  It’s become my philosophy in life, too.

I was nicknamed Sunny in college because I was always baking and giving away treats.  Wherever I work I bring in treats and my co-workers and friends are my taste-testers.  I experiment with recipes.  I once made an olive oil chocolate cake with maple buttercream frosting and candied bacon bits.  People were skeptical about bacon on a cake but some of them were willing to give it a try…I think a few even liked it!  It was good, but definitely different.  I’m always giving my desserts to anyone who wants to try them.  My favorite thing in the world is seeing a smile break out on someone’s face after taking a bite of something I’ve baked.

It’s my dream to turn my talent into a business and open my own bakery some day.  Until then, I plan to share wonderful recipes, recommendations, and inspiration on this site.