Unconventional Goals

I set up this blog a year ago and have  yet to post anything on it, so i’ve decided it’s finally time to bring it to life.  My old blog has been dormant for a few years as well, but I used ahappyspread.wordpress.com to share recipes, reviews of restaurants, books, movies, and all things that interested me.  This blog, Sunny’s, will still share recipes and reviews, but it will be more personal.  I’m hoping to share stories about my life that people can relate to and laugh at with me because let’s face it, this is a crazy life we’re living.

The first question people ask when introduced is, “So what do you do for a living?”  Or for me, since I look so young despite being 26 it’s, “What grade are you in?” or “Where do you go to school?”  I used to get annoyed with people for assuming I’m much younger than I am or for asking me what I do since it’s taken me a long time to figure out what I want to be doing.  I’ve always felt like I need an excuse: “I’m waitressing at an Italian restaurant, but I’m always looking for full-time opportunities in interior design/copywriting/marketing/(whatever else sounds good to people).  It’s only temporary.”  For a time, I stopped trying to excuse myself and just said, “I’m a waitress.”  But I would get confused looks and further questions, like, “Oh that’s nice.  Well what are you really planning to do?”  I was sensitive about the questions, even though I knew they were asked just for the purpose of making small talk because I felt like I had to figure out and explain my life’s worth to strangers all the time.  It’s a lot of pressure.

The real answer to what I want to do is to be a baker and own my own bakery.  The truth is that I’ve known this for a very long time and have slowly, but constantly been working towards it.  BUT again it doesn’t seem like a valid answer to others.  I get a lot of people telling me it should just be my hobby or that I should have a professional career first to save money.  That it’s extremely hard to own a business, that most new businesses fail, that I’ll end up hating it.  My parents have always been supportive of me, but my mom pushes me to work in the corporate world (sales) and my dad told me recently that he thought I’d be more successful by now and working at a good company.  It hurts to hear and makes me question myself.

Ultimately, I realized that I have the power to drive my life forward in whatever direction I want it to go.  I don’t need to justify my choices to anyone.  I didn’t like working for a marketing agency, so I quit.  I stopped enjoying Chicago, so I moved.  All it takes to change a situation is action.  I’m called to be a baker, so that’s what I’m doing with my life.

I have a lot of friends struggling with what they want to be doing versus what they think they should be doing based on societal pressure, or struggling to figure out what to do in general and I relate to that deeply, so I’m hoping my story helps in some way.  Take action for yourself and make it your best life.


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